Sunday, August 19, 2012

Patience, perseverance, and daily effort for a champion! Interview with Vasiliki Millousi!

At the Olympic Games from London, Greece was represented by Vasiliki Millousi at the women's artistic gymnastic competition.  She was one of the most beautiful gymnasts in this competition. Her hobbies are: dancing, music and collecting stamps. The smile is always present on his face! Here, you can read an exclusive interview with Vasiliki after the Olympic Games!

It's pretty hard to be a gymnast. When and why did you start gymnastics?
It's like other sports. If you want to be a champion, it requires patience, perseverance and daily effort. I started when I was 4 years old, watching my older sister and I admired her.

Who was your model, when you decided to practice this sport?
Of course the great gymnast Nadia Comăneci!

You have superstitions before a competition?
No. I do not have any special superstition before a competition. I try not to think about anything, just my routine.

Qualification in London

"The important thing, is to hold a high level for as long as possible!"

In a gymnast's career unfortunately, hard times are present, what gives you the power to go on?
From my family, they support me in my every endeavor. Of course my love for Gymnastics doesn't leaves me to stop trying.

What is harder for an athlete: to reach the top or to keep the first place?
I believe a top position for a moment is not so great. The important thing is to hold a high level for as long as possible. Then deserves to be called Champion.

Between you're hobbies I saw dancing and music. It's obvious that you like choreography. What is the process of creating the choreography for your floor routine?
The process to create choreography for the floor passes through several stages. We pick the song very carefully and try to match every move over the choreography. It is a difficult and painful process. When we succeed, however, the result is amazing.

The exercise at the beam

"Nadia Comăneci was my model."

Where do you feel your current strengths and weaknesses are as a gymnast?
The strengths I think it is a combination of acrobatic elements with the grace of my movements. The weakness, of course, is Vault.

Qualification exercise at the beam

Unfortunately you did not pass to the final in London, who you like most in the final?
Cătălina Ponor has a great routine on beam and floor. Also the girls from China of course are very stable.

Bronze medal for Vasiliki, at the Challenger Cup in Ghent

What are your gymnastics goals for the next year? For example, learning new skills, improving on some events, specific big competitions on your calendar?
I have not made plans yet for next year, but I think I have the strength and the ability to be high in big events, at least in the beam.

Concentrating for the exercise

Describe yourself in three words.
It is difficult to ask me this, but I would say: Methodical – Friendly – Low Profile.

At the London Olympic Games

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
With a loving family, many children and involved in Gymnastics, the sport that I love.

Good luck Vasiliki!

Source of images: Vasiliki Millousi's personal archive.


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